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Professional Top Dressing Services

Professional Top
Dressing Services

Top Dressing


Top Dressing is the act of adding a material to the surface of your turf to enhance its quality and appearance.

Top Dressing

Our Focus

  • 1
      Leveling of the Turf
  • 2
     Appearance of the Turf
  • 3
      Health of the Turf
The catalyst to achieving our focused results (Leveling,Appearance and Healthy turf) is the Preparation of that turf prior to any top dressing activities!

This is the most essential process in top dressing your lawn. Many of our competitors skip this process or leave it up to the home owner to worry about. They simply do not have the resources to maintain a fleet of specialty commercial and reel cut mowers needed to carry out the day to day operations of a preparation crew. Such a fleet is extremely complex and expensive to maintain and it takes highly skilled personnel to manage.


Turf Preparation

This process is the catalyst toward achieving a level lawn. State of the art reel cut and commercial mowers scalp your lawn down to prepare for a correctly administered top dressing. The reel mowers are designed to cut grass down deep into the bumps and divots in your lawn allowing the top dressing material free unobstructed passage to these areas to further promote a high quality leveling experience.


Core Aeration

The turf area is then core aerated to reverse compaction of the soil surface up to 3 inches. This allows the top dressing material to mix with the existing soil and promotes vigorous root growth for a healthy turf.



UFlexx Fertilizer is a golf course grade fertilizer that utilizes stabilized nitrogen urea. This application ensures a rapid regrowth of the grass and rich dark green color.


Top Dressing Application

State of the art top dressing equipment is used to apply a superb Top Dressing mixture in a universal fashion across the turf area.


Leveling / Dragging

The turf area is then dragged and swept to move the top dressing material to the lower areas of the lawn in order to further promote the leveling process.
Top Dressing
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