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Professional Top Dressing Services

Professional Top
Dressing Services

Lawn Renovation

Start Over!

If your lawn has weeds, multiple grass types, difficult areas or was neglected, then let the professionals at Level Lawns start over for you. Our Lawn Renovation process can take even the most unsightly lawns and turn them into masterpieces that are the envy of your neighborhood in a matter of weeks. Our Lawn Renovation program provides homeowners an economical way to revitalize their lawn that is out of control. Our process has been proven to turn around even the most unsightly lawns.

Preparation for new lawn

State-of-the-art Walker mowers scalp down the existing turf and remove it with a patented 26 hp grass handling system. The clippings, thatch, and debris are scalped and vacuumed off the turf area. A non-selective herbicide will then be sprayed over the entire area to ensure that all remaining turf and weeds are killed off.

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The turf is then cross-directionally deep core aerated to ensure proper soil preparation. This process creates the optimum environment for new grass establishment over the entire turf area. Our premium Blue Tag certified tall type fescue seed is then applied uniformly to the area and coupled with a professional starter fertilizer with root enhancer technology. Dolomitic lime is then applied to balance the pH levels of the soil. All that is left is to water and in a few weeks your lawn will start to come in beautifully!

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