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Professional Top Dressing Services

Professional Top
Dressing Services

Top Dressing

Take Your Lawn To The Next Level!

Put our state-of-the-art Top Dressing equipment and superior Top Dressing Compost mix to work on your lawn! Take a look at our video to see our process. This is Level Lawns’ flag ship service. Our company was founded on the ideology of turf enhancement and our proprietary Top Dressing process is the best on the market. At Level Lawns, our crews are highly skilled and experienced professionals.

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The turf area is prepared prior to Top Dressing with our core aeration and overseeding service. The entire turf area is deep core aerated and overseeded with our Blue Tag Certified seed. We then apply a professional starter fertilizer with Root Enhancer technonlogy (18-24-12). Once this service is complete, our Top Dressing crew will apply a superb blend of a cured compost Top Dressing material in a uniform manor over the turf area. The Top Dressing material is incorporated with the existing soil structure to create one of the best environments for fescue to grow and thrive. After the Top Dressing material is applied, the crew will apply a second round of overseeding on top of the material to ensure the maximum germination rate. See our video to view our proprietary Top Dressing process.

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