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Professional Top Dressing Services
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Top Dressing is the process of applying material in a universal fashion across the surface of the lawn. This process is the catalyst toward achieving a level lawn.
– State-of-the-art equipment
– Superior Top Dressing Blend
– Proprietary Process carried out by Experienced Crews
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Spring Scalping is the process of scalping the lawn down to remove the dead and dormant parts of the leaf and thin out the thatch layer at the beginning of the growing season.
– State-of-the-art commercial Walker Mowers
– Remove thatch and debris
– See a major difference immediately
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Georgia lawns tend to have clay soils making them very hard and compacted. Our State-of-the-Art Core Aeration service was created to solve this problem allowing reverse compaction and a deeper rooting system for your grass.
– Decompact clay soils
– Create an ideal environment for your lawn
– Starter fertilizer with seed planting
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Put our state-of-the-art Top Dressing equipment and superior Top Dressing Compost mix to work on your lawn! Take a look at our video to see our process. This is Level Lawns’ flag ship service. Our company was founded on the ideology of turf enhancement and our proprietary Top Dressing process is the best on the market. At Level Lawns, our crews are highly skilled and experienced professionals.

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Level Lawns is the industry leader in fescue establishment. Fall is the best time to enhance your lawn with our deep core Aeration and Overseeding service! Each Aeration and Overseeding comes with an application of our Starter Fertilizer with Root Enhancer technology.

– Our Aerate and Overseed crews are seasoned professionals. The crew chiefs all have a minimum of four years’ experience.
– Our aeration equipment is state-of-the-art and produces a deep core aeration for root establishment and development.
– We use one of the highest rated, Blue Tag Certified, NTEP seeds!

If your lawn has weeds, multiple grass types, difficult areas or was neglected, then let the professionals at Level Lawns start over for you. Our Lawn Renovation process can take even the most unsightly lawns and turn them into masterpieces that are the envy of your neighborhood in a matter of weeks. Our Lawn Renovation program provides homeowners an economical way to revitalize their lawn that is out of control. Our process has been proven to turn around even the most unsightly lawns.


Welcome to Level Lawns

Level Lawns is a professional turf enhancement company that specializes in Lawn Revitalization projects including: Top Dressing, Core Aeration and Spring Scalping services. We are celebrating over 20 years of business in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

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